BUGENHAGEN, Johannes (1485-1558). Contra novum errorem, de sacramento corporis et sanguinis domini nostri Iesu Christi, epistola Ioannis Bugenhagij Pomerani. [Augsburg], [Simprecht Ruff], 1525. 8vo. [4] lvs. Disbound in later brocade wrappers.


Rare Latin edition of one of Bugenhagen’s polemical treatises against the Zwinglian interpretation of the Eucharist. Between 1525 and 1529 the differences between Lutherans and Zwinglians about the nature of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist had been expressed in an acrimonious pamphlet war. Both parties rejected the doctrine of transubstantiation, but Luther and his followers retained the notion of a real corporeal presence of Christ in the bread and wine, while the Zwinglians did not. Bugenhagen’s Contra novum errorem was published primarily against Zwingli and appeared in the late summer of 1525. It was printed in Wittenberg, Nürnberg, Dresden, Speyer, as well as in Augsburg. – A few marginal wormholes (not affecting the text, except for one tiny wormhole which slightly affects the woodcut border on the title page) and one wormhole in the text (slightly affecting about four letters).

VD 16 B 9389; Geisenhof 170; Knaake III, 126.