RIVET, André (1572-1651). Isagoge, seu Introductio generalis, ad Scripturam Sacram Veteris & Novi Testamenti. In qua, ejus natura, existentia, autoritas, necessitas, puritas, versionum & interpretationum rationes & modi, indagantur; ejusque dignitas, perfectio, & usus, adversus veteres & novos Scripturarum lucifugas, asseritur; & de vero controversiarum fidei judice, fusius disputatur. Adjuncti sunt indices necessarij. Leiden, Isaac Commelinus [colophon: printed by Jan Claesz. van Dorp], 1627. 4to. (32) 520 (36) pp. Contemporary overlapping vellum.


First and only Latin edition of Rivet’s important manual of Biblical hermeneutics. It was based on a lecture that Rivet – professor of theology at the University of Leiden – had given in 1624 and is divided into thirty chapters. Chapters one to three deal, among others, with names given to the Bible and the authority of the Scripture. Chapters four to thirteen discuss respectively the Scripture’s origins, causes, canon, original languages, ancient and modern Latin, and vernacular translations. In chapter fourteen Rivet turns to exegesis and treats successively of the literal meaning, accommodation, logical sequence, and ways of investigating the literal meaning. In chapter nineteen he poses the question of who should be the judge of correct interpretation, showing in the next two chapters that no man or body of men can fulfill that function. Chapters twenty-two and twenty-three deal with clarity of the Scripture. Chapters twenty-four to twenty-seven with the Scripture’s self-sufficiency and its relation to tradition written and unwritten. And the final three chapters deal with Scriptural eloquence, division of the text into sections, chapters and verses and the usefulness of the Old Testament to Christians. – Top of spine expertly restored, some owners’ inscriptions on upper endpaper and title page, a few pen and pencil annotations, and ties lacking.




STRIGEL, Viktorin (1524-1569). In Exodum qui est liber secundus Pentateuchi Moysis. Commentarius. Viri reverendae et clarissimae memoriae Victorini Strigelii in Academia Ihenensi dictatus anno 1548. Et eiusdem in historiam Iosephi quae est postrema pars Geneseos annotatio praecipuorum locorum. Primùm nunc in lucem edita opera & studio Christophori Pezelii S. theologiae doctoris. Bremen, Dietrich Gloichstein, 1585. 8vo. (12) 182 [= 183] (1), 70 (2) lvs. Bound after: IDEM. Ratio legendi scripta prophetica et apostolica: scripta à viro clarissimae memoriae Victorino Strigelio. Cui addita est synopsis totius doctrinae christianae, accommodata ad captum piae iuventutis. Authore eodem Victorino Strigelio. Edita nunc primùm opera ac studio Christophori Pezelij, theologiae doctoris. Herborn, Christoph Corvinus, 1587. 8vo. 149 (1), (2) 55 pp. Contemporary half blind-stamped pigskin with vellum-covered boards.


Rare posthumously published edition of Strigel’s commentary on Exodus, bound together with his treatise on biblical hermeneutics. Strigel, a student of Melanchton, became professor of theology at Jena after studying in Freiburg im Breisgau, Leipzig, and Wittenberg. Disputes with Matthias Flacius Illyricus (1520-1575) led to his departure to the University of Leipzig in 1563, but he was suspended from that post a couple of years later because of suspicions that he held Calvinist views of the Lord’s Supper. He finally moved to the Palatinate, where he openly confessed a Reformed understanding of the sacrament and taught at the University of Heidelberg from 1567 until his death in 1569. – I: A few pen underlinings. II: Lower outer corner of title page restored and a few pen underlinings.

I: VD 16 S 9613. II: VD 16 S 9641.