BOWLES, Oliver (ca. 1577-1644). De pastore evangelico tractatus: in quo universum munus pastorale, tam quoad pastoris vocationem, & praeparationem, quàm ipsius muneris exercitium, accuratè proponitur. After the copy printed at London, Samuel Gellibrand, 1659. 12mo. (24) 394 pp. Bound with: WAEYEN, Johannes van der (1639-1701). Methodus concionandi. Quam in gratiam studiosae juventutis, typis excudi curavit. Franeker, Adriaan Heins, 1704. 12mo. (16) 201 (1) pp. Contemporary vellum.


Third (or fourth?) edition of Bowles’ treatise on pastoral ministry (possibly printed in the Netherlands), bound together with the first edition of Van der Waeyen’s treatise on homiletics. Oliver Bowles, an English puritan and one of the elder members of the Westminster Assembly, was an excellent scholar and a man of great piety. He taught at Queens College in Cambridge and served many years as a pastor at Sutton in Bedfordshire. His De pastore evangelico tractatus, posthumously published by his son, expands on a wide range of pastoral duties and provides a practical puritan description of the pastoral ministry. Van der Waeyen, a Dutch Reformed theologian, was successively pastor at Spaarndam, Leeuwarden, and Middelburg, and professor of Hebrew and theology at the University of Franeker. He left many writings, among which are several polemical works and his treatise above.

I: Wing B3883.