MYONE, Eutychio [= Wolfgang MUSCULUS] (1497-1563). Proscaerus. Liceát ne homini christiano, evangelicae doctrinae gnaro, papisticis superstitionibus ac falsis cultibus externa societate communicare, dialogi quatuor. [Colophon: Basel, Jakob Kündig], 1549. 8vo. 52 lvs. Modern boards covered with a leaf from an incunable.


First edition of one of the most important anti-Nicodemite treatises. The four dialogues dispute the main ideas of the Nicodemites, who believed that outward conformity with the Catholic church was acceptable if one's true faith continued to be inwardly professed. The author, Wolfgang Musculus, was an important figure in the development of the Reformed faith and a leading reformer in the cities of Augsburg and Bern. Proscaerus belongs to his most widespread publications. – Margins stained.

VD 16 M 7299; Adams M 2047.